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SAP Treasury

Features & Functions of SAP ERP Financials


Using treasury applications from SAP, your treasury and cash managers gain insight and control over hedging transactions, pooling and allocating cash globally, and enabling straight-through-processing of banking, corporate treasury and financial accounting processes.

Treasury applications from SAP include the following:

  • SAP Cash and Liquidity Management
    • Helps you monitor and manage cash flow and liquidity
    • Generates comprehensive and timely cash forecasts and plans
  • SAP In-House Cash
    • Enables centralized control of banking balances, cash management, and payments
    • Reduces costs of interunit payments, transfers, and bank fees
  • SAP Treasury and Risk Management
    • Models risk scenarios and executes mitigation strategies
    • Reduces your organization’s financial risk levels and ensures regulatory compliance
  • SAP Bank Communication Management
    • Streamlines and optimizes your corporate-to-bank communications
    • Provides straight-through processing, improved payment control, and lower processing costs
  • SAP Integration Package for SWIFT
    • Enables direct connection to SWIFTnet, the secure bank payments network
    • Reduces complexity by providing a single point of connectivity to multiple banks